Jasmine Monet

I’m inspired by human emotions and the natural beauty of people in their everyday lives. Art gives me the freedom to express a story through candid and intimate moments. 

Before I made the decision to leave behind my so-called "normal" life and pursue something a bit less ordinary - I started on a journey that helped me to realize the importance of growing spiritually in my life and work. To this day, it continues to be a driving force in the way I photograph and create art. I want people to feel the same essence and spirit that I deeply feel when I capture a moment.  I've combined my love of travel with my passion for art and photography and decided to venture around the globe in search of inspiration. 

Words can’t express how beyond grateful I am for my personal journey thus far. It continues to help me appreciate and share the simple things in life that bring joy. My ultimate pursuit is to inspire others to live a courageous life.